NAB Show 2014

Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology

NAB Show 2014

Las Vegas, Nevada USA  Apr 07, 2014 - Apr 10, 2014 
South hall (upper), booth SU6117

Fraunhofer IDMT presents at the Fraunhofer booth in south hall (upper), booth SU6117:

»A/V Analyzing Toolbox - QC components, Video Analysis, and more«

At this year’s NAB, Fraunhofer presents its A/V Analyzing Toolbox, which is a comprehensive collection of sophisticated content analysis components that can be used to optimize broadcasting, distribution and archiving workflows.

The toolbox consists of various components: The A/V Error Detection enables automatic detection of errors in A/V content, e.g. blocking, blur, or freezes, for automatic quality control. The Temporal Video Segmentation detects and compiles shots, representative key frames, and scenes in movies, or movie clips for browsing, exploration, management, and content presentation. The Video Motion Analysis detects global motions in videos, e.g. pan, tilt, zoom, or camera unsteadiness, which can e.g. be used for more in-depth video analysis such as visual rhythm pattern analysis. The automatic Speech and Music Detection segments audio content with respect to containing audio content regarding speech, music, speech and background music, and silence, which can be used for automatic music royalty reporting, cue sheet generation, content search, and as a preparatory step to improve robust content identification. The segment-based Video Identification matches pieces of video content originating from the same source. Thus content sequences that have been reused or shared in edited content such as news clips can be found and set into relation to each other

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