Business Units


Business Unit Acoustics

The Acoustics business unit develops and provides innovative solutions for various application areas and industries, such as live & installed sound, automotive and machine acoustics, or consumer electronics.


Business Unit Human-centered Media Technologies

In the Human-centered Media business unit we investigate, design, and evaluate application-oriented, user-centered media solutions that are used as technology components for the public and the private education sector, and that support people in their everyday life.


Business Unit Media Management and Delivery

The Media Management and Delivery business unit offers solutions for automatic annotation, search and quality control of audiovisual content as well as for management, processing and interactive  usage of A/V content.


Business Unit Industrial Media Applications


The new Industrial Media Applications business unit combines Fraunhofer IDMT's long lasting expertise in audio-visual signal analysis, machine learning, safety-related technologies and provides new solutions for Industry 4.0.