Range of Services

We offer a broad range of professional services and develops customized solutions. Over 20 years of experience in audio technology, psychoacoustics, and electroacoustics, together with state-of-the-art special facilities and test equipment, makes Fraunhofer IDMT a reliable and innovative research and development partner.


Research and Development

We develop, optimize and integrate technologies and methods for recording, analyzing, reproducing and evaluating sound, including the development of prototypes. Our range of services also includes methods for active noise reduction. By leveraging diverse competencies and capacities of Fraunhofer’s research and development landscape, as well as the expertise from our network of industry partners, we are capable of meeting also high-level project requirements.

Project Planning, Design, and Implementation

We support our clients in project planning and design, and implementation of:

  • innovative sound concepts and audio system solutions,
  • novel loudspeaker systems,
  • complex audio signal processing systems and algorithms,
  • audiovisual test methods, and
  • individual user interfaces for editing and controlling audio signals.

Acoustic Measurements

Among other things, we conduct the following measurements:

  • Characterization of electroacoustic transducers, e.g. loudspeakers
  • Characterization of audio reproduction systems
  • Characterization and parametrization of sound fields, e.g. sound power
  • Room acoustics measurements, e.g. reverberation time, speech intelligibility
  • Dummy head recording
  • Analysis of structure-borne sound by laser scanning vibrometer and accelerometer
  • Psychoacoustic analysis and parametrization of sound signals, e.g. loudness, sharpness
  • Measurement of acoustic parameters, e.g. absorption, reflection, transmission index

Acoustic Simulations

We conduct computer simulations with regard to the following fields:

  • Room acoustics, e.g. conference rooms
  • Vibro acoustics, e.g. vibrations of enclosures
  • Enviromental noise
  • Speaker building

Measurement of Audiovisual Quality and Product Perception

We support product development process and benchmarking with following evaluation services:

  • Perceptual evaluation according to technical standards (e.g. ITU-R, ITU-T, EBU, DIN and ISO)
  • Psychoacoustic audio signal analysis
  • Algorithmic estimation of product audio quality
  • Development of new test methods, assessing ergonomics, affective states, and quality of experience 

Consultancy, Scientific Studies and Expert Opinion Reports

With our knowledge and experience we support clients in preparation of scientific studies or expert opinion reports. Moreover, we offer consultancy services in planning and conducting unbiased, valid, and reliable perception tests as well as data analysis and documentation, fulfilling scientific standards.