Research Topics

In today’s smart service world it is not enough to develop and market products. What is needed is an intelligent combination of products and services continuously adapting to the habits and needs of users. In our research, we are devoted to automatic recognition of acoustic and visual features, such as pattern recognition in video and audio material. In addition, we develop solutions which allow capturing and assessing people’s knowledge and skills in close-to-reality learning environments. These solutions are based on novel motivation concepts used in innovative learning applications, and on methods for user analysis and the development of adaptive algorithms.


Experience-based learning through interactive experimentation in mixed reality environments

Research Group

Innovative Methods and Technologies for Spatial Hearing und Speech Intelligibility with Hearing Implants

Our PhD Students and Post-Docs

Dr.-Ing. Tamás Harczos
Human-centered Media Technologies

Sara Kepplinger
Human-centered Media Technologies

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