How to collaborate with Fraunhofer IDMT

Using the expertise of numerous international partners from business, education, and science, as well as the capacities and capabilities of Fraunhofer’s broad research landscape, Fraunhofer IDMT is able to leverage the potential of a strong network of competencies and partners.

Among our range of services are:

  • Contract research up to prototype production
  • Research collaborations, development services, and consulting services
  • Licensing of technologies and systems
  • Expert opinion reports, studies, and concepts

Products and Services

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Education and Learning

Our expertise ranges from basic conceptualization to the design of innovative methods of interaction to evaluation and technology-enhanced assessment of students’ learning progress. An important element of the solutions we develop is gamification, as it helps increase the motivation of students. Our spectrum of services comprises complete workflows for digital learning processes as well as single components.

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Medicine and Health

We develop solutions supporting prevention, diagnostics, therapy, and rehabilitation, including methods required for efficient knowledge transfer. A special focus lies on concepts for digital analysis and assistance. One area of expertise is the development of simulation strategies for cochlear implants to improve the hearing ability of Cochlear Implant (CI) patients.


Automotive and Safety

Our solutions help increase the safety of drivers and passengers. Furthermore, we offer solutions making driving more convenient.