Research areas

Acoustic condition monitoring and quality assessment

Building upon its pioneering work in intelligent music analysis, Fraunhofer IDMT is now leveraging its skills and expertise to conduct acoustic analysis for industrial settings. The goal is to automatically recognize and categorize noise and sounds produced by industrial applications, thereby creating the basis of acoustic condition monitoring and quality assessment.

The scientific basis of IMA’s work will be the know-how of its researchers and engineers regarding the use of microphones, the analysis of signal and noise, and the potential of automated sound description using methods of machine learning and deep learning (neural networks). By leveraging this knowledge it is possible to transfer the benefits of automatically created state and quality reports as well as the recognition and categorization of sounds to the domain of industrial applications.

Intelligent acoustics measurement in industrial production

To successfully establish automated sound analysis in noisy environments such as manufacturing halls, the input signal of the object under analysis needs to be authentic. To ensure this, IMA will make use of its expertise regarding intelligent acoustic recording and measurement technology.

Privacy and security solutions for Industry 4.0

Applying a patented method of media archiving, Fraunhofer IDMT has developed a universally applicable solution that for the first time allows user and sensor differentiation including consistent anonymization and pseudonymization. This means that privacy and security is guaranteed, which is of crucial importance to the idea of Industry 4.0, given the demand for 100 percent data sovereignty.