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Customized solutions from sound recording to the cloud

  • Intelligent acoustic measurement technology
  • Signal analysis and processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Media-specific security technologies
  • Cloud solutions and embedded systems
  • For use in industrial environments (Industry 4.0)
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Imitation of the human hearing system: microphones and cameras are increasingly replacing the human senses.

Based on decades of leading role in the field of intelligent analysis of music, Fraunhofer IDMT is now transferring its expertise to the automated analysis of industrial sounds in order to recognize and catalog these sounds automatically.

Every moving or rotating part of a machine, system or motor has a specific sound and thus a clear acoustic fingerprint when it is functioning properly. Deviations in the operating noise therefore indicate a changed functionality. In the manufacturing industry, production processes are often still monitored by trained specialists which makes an objective and neutral assessment of operating noise almost impossible.

Digital media technology includes devices, signals and algorithms for media processing as well as the human-machine interface. Audiovisual sensors (microphones, cameras, etc.) increasingly perform the function of human hearing and vision, while computer-aided data analysis simulates the functions of the human brain.

Fraunhofer IDMT develops acoustic test methods to provide reliable and robust solutions with neutral and constant analytical quality.

Possible applications of Fraunhofer IDMT's auditory media technologies

Monitoring of production processes

Acoustic condition monitoring for early detection of machine failures

Quality inspection of products

Using acoustic measuring methods, e. g. for assessing the functionality of electric motors (end of line)

Leak test in the filling process

Feasibility study in cooperation with representatives of the beverage industry

Investigation of noise emission in production halls

Optimization of noise emission of machines and recommendations for noise abatement measures

Your Use-case

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