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NAB Show 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada USA / 04/08/2019 - 04/11/2019

At the NAB Show 2019 in Las Vegas, Fraunhofer IDMT presents its latest content analysis and AI tools for media archives and production at Fraunhofer-booth in the South Hall (upper), Stand SU4 816.

Content analysis and AI tools for media asset management, production and archiving

Fraunhofer IDMT develops cutting-edge technologies for your media and archiving workflow. Our audio-visual content analysis and AI tools can be integrated into existing systems and applications, thereby allowing broadcasters and digital archives to fully exploit the potential of their content.


Metadata Extraction and Enrichment

We provide cutting-edge technologies for the automatic, efficient annotation of A/V content items to ensure that material can be found, linked and used, or recommended to users.


Audio and Video Matching

Our unique combination of audio and video matching and phylogeny analysis tools identifies content reuse and partial overlaps and detects the content processing history.


Audio Forensics and Fake Detection

The audio forensics toolset detects recording, editing and coding traces within audio material and can be used for quality control and tampering detection.


Trustworthy AI, Security and Privacy

We offer many years of experience with combining systematic evaluation of AI tools, security and copyright solutions, and privacy protection. Where others focus on conflicts between analysis, privacy and security requirements, we focus on their harmonization and provide respective tools.

Event Archive

WSDB 2018

15th Workshop Digital Broadcasting 2018 (German workshop on digital broadcasting and multimedia services)

IBC 2018

Audiovisual analysis and media asset management

NAB 2018

A/V analysis and search

IBC 2017

Audiovisual analysis and media asset management

NAB Show 2017

  • Audio and Video Segment Matching
  • Automatic A/V Annotation
  • MICO: An Open-Source Framework for multi-modal Analysis
  • Automatic Quality Control (QC)

Hannover Messe

Acoustic condition monitoring and quality control for Industry 4.0

  • Pattern recognition
  • Secure processing of measurement data

Control 2017

Solution for Airborne Sound based Process Monitoring and Quality Assessment

  • Machine learning algorithms
  • Secure transfer of acoustic measurement data

CeBIT 2017

Acoustic condition monitoring for production processes and product quality

WSDB 2016

German workshop on digital broadcasting and multimedia services

IBC 2016

Multimodal media annotation and search & A/V-Toolbox

  • platform for cross-media analysis, querying and recommendation