Working Groups

Audio-visual Systems

Television Broadcast
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The Audio-visual systems group develops methods, components and systems for the automated analysis of audio-visual content and A/V quality control. The developed procedures enable the quality inspection, the semantic processing of images and videos as well as the identification and compilation of media collections in large archives and media data bases.

Media Distribution and Security

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The Media Distribution and Security group develops methods and components for secure and cost-efficient aggregation, processing and distribution of media content, for consideration of copyright aspects, and for privacy protection.

Semantic Music Technologies

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The Semantic Music Technologies group develops algorithms for signal processing and pattern recognition. The products, based on automatic music analysis, are used in music search -and recommendation engines. Numerous applications emerge, in the field of transcription of melodies, chords and bass lines as well as the plagiarism research, for games, educational software and optimized tools in music production.