Audio System Technology for Assistive Systems

The working group “Audio System Technology for Assistive Systems” conducts research on methods of speech recognition in man-machine communication as well as automatic event detection as part of acoustic monitoring. Application fields include control of technical systems and acoustic status monitoring of technical installations and public spaces or to support care services.

Head of Group Dr.-Ing. Stefan Goetze


Audio Quality and Auditory Models

The working group “Audio Quality and Auditory Models” develops measuring methods and models that describe the auditory perception of normal and impaired hearing. Research examines the factors that influence speech intelligibility and subjectively perceived sound quality. As part of its contract research activities, the working group develops customer-specific evaluation methods for quality control in sound design.

Head of Group Dr. Jan Rennies-Hochmuth


Personalized Hearing Systems

The working group “Personalized Hearing Systems” develops technologies that allow users to adapt audio reproduction in media and communication devices to their personal hearing preferences. In addition to improving speech intelligibility and sound quality, it is also possible to compensate for individual hearing loss.

Head of Group Dr. Jan Rennies-Hochmuth