Hearing Assistance for Telephone and Consumer Electronics

Everyone has their own auditory perception, own sound preference and own sensation of loudness. From the age of fifty onwards, normal hearing ability also deteriorates in many people. The Oldenburg Branch for Hearing, Speech and Audio Technology HSA develops signal processing methods to adapt the audio output of telephones and consumer electronics devices to individual hearing needs. By integrating methods from hearing aid technology, it is possible to selectively optimise the dynamic range of high- or low-frequency sounds for the individual user. Studies have shown that people suffering from hearing loss also benefit from the technology, which allows them to more easily understand telephone conversations even under conditions with background noise, for example. Together with end users, the scientists develop user interfaces for adaptation of the audio output.

Range of Services

  • Integration of hearing assistance methods in telephone and consumer electronics applications
  • Development and evaluation of adaptation methods and user interfaces
  • Embedding signal processing in hardware systems (microprocessor and DSP)
  • Adaptation for telephone systems (e.g. Asterisk) and internet telephony (Voice over IP)
  • Integration of signal processing in mobile applications (apps)
  • Evaluation studies

Products and Solutions


Press Release / 2.6.2015

Hearing support during cultural events

Sennheiser-Apps »MobileConnect« and »CinemaConnect« offer individual hearing support.


Press Release / 25.2.2015

Headphones offer individual hearing boost for speech and music

Sennheiser collaborates with Fraunhofer IDMT to create the new RS 195, the first high quality wireless headphones to tackle age-related hearing loss.



The first VoIP app with

integrated hearing support

Current Research Projects


Individual hearing settings for call center employees

Research project KANTATE



Individual hearing assistance algorithms linked to the analysis of the current acoustic environment.

News / 7.9.2016

Outstanding Paper Award

AES International Conference on Headphone Technology