Range of Services

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Contract Research and Development

Companies of all sizes in the industrial and service sectors benefit from the scientific expertise and technical resources of the Branch Hearing, Speech and Audio Technology. We offer custom services for different markets with our different research specialities. For small and medium-sized companies that do not maintain their own R&D departments cooperating with Fraunhofer offers a chance for increased market competitiveness


Studies and Advice

Are you looking to determine the potential of application areas and the challenges for a new technology? Commission us for advice on technology questions as well as for conducting needs and usability studies. Our portfolio extends from study series as part of product development through to evaluation of market-ready prototypes.


Licensing of Technologies

We make our technological solutions available to industry as  licenses. On the basis of your application specifications we provide you with an individual offer for adaptation and licensing of our technology. If indicated, we may sign a non-disclosure agreement for exchanging information.  


Publicly Funded Research Projects

The basis of contract research for our clients is the publicly funded preliminary research.

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Partner for increased market competitiveness

is a partner for industrial customers and public institutions.

We develop, implement and optimize processes, products and equipment until they are ready for use and for the market. Flexible interlinking of expertise and capacities enables us to meet extremely broad project requirements and complex system solution

s.Industrial companies and service organisations benefit from the scientific expertise and technical resources of the Project Group Hearing, Speech and Audio Technology. The scientists offer custom services for different markets with their different research specialities:

  • Research cooperations, development services and consulting
  • Contract research up to prototype production
  • Customer-specific adaptation of Fraunhofer developments
  • Measuring and evaluation methods
  • Production of expertises, studies and concepts

Please direct any project enquiries to the respective contact persons.