Interactivity & personalization

are key to successful e-assessment

Optimized for being used via smartphone or tablet PC

students may prepare for tests anywhere anytime

Interactive and personalized e-assessment – with askMe!

How can the knowledge and skills of job applicants be assessed reliably? Or how can employees and apprentices be trained and qualified taking their individual knowledge, skills, and learning preferences into account? Two aspects are key to successful e-assessment: interactivity and personalization. Relying on these two aspects, askMe! comes as an adaptive system for efficient electronic assessment of the knowledge and skills of employees, apprentices, and job applicants.

Using askMe!, the e-assessment process can be personalized, as both the exercises to be completed and the design of the feedback given by the tutor or examiner can be adapted to individual requirements. The system allows tutors/examiners to intuitively create tests via an easy-to-use web interface and based on predefined basic exercise types, and to create individual skills profiles after evaluation of the test results accomplished.

Features for students/examinees to use

The askMe! user interface for students/examinees comprises two sections: a dashboard and a test environment.

The dashboard

  • informs about the student’s test results (i.e., it displays the number of tests and exercises completed, the respective score achieved, answers given vs. correct answers, and an overview of the test results in the form of tables or figures),
  • lists individual strengths and weaknesses,
  • allows specification of individual learning/examination goals

The test environment

In the test environment, the student/examinee completes the individual exercises the test is made of.


Features for tutors/examiners to use

The askMe! user interface allows tutors/examiners to conveniently

  • create user models,
  • manage user profiles,
  • create and manage domain models (in collaboration with other tutors/examiners),
  • create adaptive tests based on twenty IMS-QTI-compliant predefined basic exercise types,
  • create exercises using interactive animation and simulation features,
  • request statistical evaluations of test results (in the form of tables or graphical illustrations).

askMe! now comes in a version optimized for being used via the smartphone or tablet PC, allowing students and examinees to prepare for their tests and exams anywhere anytime.


    Interactive content

askMe! can be fed with interactive content from practically any knowledge domain to create tests and exercises.  


    Personalized process

Using askMe!, the e-assessment process can be personalized, as both the exercises and the design of the feedback can be adapted to individual requirements.  


    Statistical analysis

askMe! allows conducting a wide range of statistical analyses for both individual and groups of students/examinees.  


    Anywhere anytime

Test data produced during offline use of askMe! can later be synchronized with the system when in the online mode again.

The authoring environment of askMe! allows tutors and examiners to quickly and conveniently create exercises and tests.


    Creating exercises

To every exercise, the tutor/examiner may define a title and add a (multimedia supported) introduction/description.


    Selecting an interaction type

From a list of twenty predefined basic exercise types (ranging from simple multiple-choice exercises to sophisticated figures or illustrations) the tutor/examiner may select the one deemed most appropriate for the specific exercise to be created.


    Designing exercises individually

For each exercise, the tutor/examiner may define the correct answers, the maximum score to achieve, and a feedback.


    Compiling tests

To compile a test, the tutor/examiner may search for appropriate exercises in their catalog of exercises, in which the exercises can be grouped into different concepts.


    Using adaptive tests

Each test can be defined in terms of being available to individual users or certain groups of users only, including a time limit up to which the test remains available for being completed.



askMe! builds on state-of-the-art web technology and high interoperability.

Web technology


  • is a web based and platform independent solution,
  • features an intuitive WYSIWYG user interface,
  • is based on an MVC (model view controller) software architecture,
  • uses state-of-the-art web technology (PHP, SQL, CSS, JavaScript).




  • uses the IMS Question & Test Interoperability (QTI) specification for modeling tests and exercises,
  • uses OWL (Web Ontology Language) Lite for modeling domain models,
  • uses the Experience API (xAPI) specification for integration of interactive multimedia content.