Query by Humming

The Melody Search Query by Humming complements your music portal or your online music store with an attractive search facility: Instead of having to enter the title or artist of a song into a search box, the user simply sings or whistles the desired melody to the computer.

Advanced search options

Query by Humming offers a perfect extension to text-based search. Should a user know neither title nor artist, he can simply sing to the desired music piece to the computer. Query by Humming automatically detects the sung notes, and returns the best search results from a connected melody database.

Additional Interactive Feature

Stand out from your competition and create with Query by Humming an attractive additional feature for your users. Whether it’s a music store or a community portal – Query by Humming is suitable not only for the search for music tracks, but can also be used as an interactive music game.

Easy integration

Query by Humming is available as an out-of-the-box solution and can be easily integrated as a Flash application with your site, thanks to the modular design.

Individual design

The web service for the melody tune search can be implemented quickly and easily in to your corporate design, because the pro-duct package is shipped with the source code for tailor-made specific design adjustments.

Query by Humming identifies music titles on the basis of sung and other monophonic melodies recordings. The software analyzes the melodic and rhythmic characteristics of the digitized melody and searches a database for possible matching pieces.

The melody recognition is based on two fundamental technologies: Through the monophonic melody transcription the melody is extracted from the digitized singing as a sequence of notes. The so-called MRFFT-algorithm of the Fraunhofer IDMT is particularly suitable for this difficult task and has therefore for the third consecutive year been awarded the first place in the international MIREX competition in the category "Audio Melody Extraction".

The actual melody search is then based on the so-called string-matching, a method that is used in similar form in the decoding of DNA strands. By string-matching inexact matches can also be properly retrieved. Thus, the correct title is also found when the amateur singer has a few skew notes or does not quite stick to the rhythm. The lyrics play a rather insignificant role in the recording of the singing, the search works even better when one only sings 'Na Na Na' or 'La La La'. Experience shows that the user then focuses more on the correct notes.

The database is compatible to the MPEG-7 Melody Descriptor, compliant databases are as such easy to browse. At the moment it contains thousands of pieces from classical to pop and rock music, including more recent hits. For specific applications, a suitable databases can always be compiled.

Query by Humming is available as a web service. A tool for semi-automated melody annotation supports and facilitates the administration of the melody database. That makes it easy and simple to keep the database always up to date.

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