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Publication: »Pre-gelled Electrode Grid for Self-Applied EEG Sleep Monitoring at Home«

Publication: »Flex-Printed Ear-EEG Sensors for Adequate Sleep Staging at Home«

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Mobile Neurotechnologies

Application-oriented developments from sensor technology to data analysis


Monitoring of attention

Intelligent measurement of vigilance using mobile EEG systems, for example in autonomous driving


Smart acquisition of biosignals

Sensor systems for individual and comfortable monitoring during the day and at night


Contactless respiration monitoring

Hygienic and user-friendly recording of respiratory parameters for sleep monitoring at home


EEG laboratory to go

Development of comfortable sensor systems for sleep monitoring at home

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Mobile Neurotechnologies

The Mobile Neurotechnologies group works on discrete EEG systems for the analysis of brain activities - among other things for safe workplace design or for use in health applications.


Connected Health

In the Connected Health work area, mobile sensor-based health systems are being developed.


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