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Monitoring of industrial manufacturing processes, traffic monitoring or identifying manipulations in audio data - at the headquarters in Ilmenau, Thuringia, everything revolves around the safe and efficient AI-based recognition and classification of audio and video data. Another focus is the development of audio technologies for virtual acoustic product experiences as well as customized solutions for the production and reproduction of authentic and spatial sound experiences for the professional audio and entertainment sectors. We serve the current trend towards energy-efficient and miniaturized loudspeakers with intelligent control algorithms.

In the Hearing, Speech and Audio Technology HSA department in Oldenburg, key technologies are developed for "The Hearing Car". Machines are trained to be able to "hear" in order to minimize downtimes. Robust speech recognizers make devices listen and enable contactless control and quality assurance. In the health sector, speech and language analysis systems are being developed for therapeutic applications and, thanks to mobile EEG systems, the sleeping laboratory comes home. Thanks to algorithms for better speech intelligibility and personalized sound quality, hearables are becoming suitable for the work world – and media use a listening pleasure for everyone.

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Oldenburg branch

  • Speech recognition and event detection
  • Mobile Neurotechnologies
  • Assistive speech and language analysis
  • Sound quality and speech intelligibility
  • Audio signal enhancement and audio system technology


Press Release / 1.6.2023

First-rate sound for every listener

Fraunhofer IDMT's method for personalized sound experience has now been successfully integrated in headphones as well.

Research Project / 10.5.2023

Bio-inspired technology for hearing aids

"NeuroSensEar" project: Increasing the acceptance of hearing aids through intelligent, adaptive sensor technology

Press Release / 9.5.2023

EEG as an example of data protection for biosignals

The »NEMO« project is exploring anonymisation techniques, using the example of EEG.

Press Release / 15.2.2023

Intuitive machine control using speech recognition

Hannover Messe 2023: Our speech recognition solution for the industry

Press Release / 15.2.2023

Click: Reliable detection of plug-in connections

Hannover Messe 2023: Innovative acoustic monitoring for plug connections

Press Release / 11.4.2023

Hannover Messe 2023: Non-contact acoustic monitoring

Innovative monitoring method for industrial production

Press Release / 22.3.2023

Competence assessment tool for the medical sector

Speech-controlled dialogue system for assessing communication and teamwork skills

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Focus Projects


SpatialSound Wave for Automotive Audio

The audio platform for the car of the future: holistic sound management for creating immersive and interactive audio content


Reliable speech documentation

Automatic speech recognition for contactless documentation, e.g. in maintenance tasks, quality assurance or logistics – efficient and secure



Acoustic inspection of weld seams of safety-critical components as part of quality assurance


Mobile multisensor system for sleep monitoring at home

Development of a multi-sensor system close to the ear that can be conveniently used by patients for sleep monitoring at home



The AI-based IDCheck facilitates secure, automated entry management to both buildings and events, greatly speeding up the time and effort required for identity verification and document control.


Hearing for the Car

AI-supported acoustic sensor systems for the automotive sector to ensure greater safety and reliability in road traffic – for example through intelligent siren recognition and localization


High-Performance Center InSignA

Together with companies, we quickly transfer innovations in the area of intelligent signal analysis and assistance systems into applications.


The hearable for the smart industrial workplace

A small, in-ear hearable for better human-machine interaction – a big task for a little earbud.


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