Mobile Neurotechnologies

The interpretation of signals from the human brain is a challenge. The  group »Mobile Neurotechnologies« of the Fraunhofer IDMT in Oldenburg is taking on this challenge in order to make systems for electroencephalography (EEG) available in concrete application scenarios - for example in health applications or at safety-critical workplaces. Insa Wolf's group is particularly working on mobile EEG systems that make the analysis of brain activity suitable for everyday use.

Our Services

  • mobile EEG
  • Recording of hearing effort and cognitive strain   
  • biosignal analysis
  • Study design and execution
  • Pattern recognition, machine learning
  • Cognitive Modeling

Insights into research and practice


Analysis of drivers' attention in autonomous vehicles

Research on changes in vigilance with the help of EEG and other biosignals


News / 26.6.2023

Guest of the Federal Minister of Health

Fraunhofer IDMT's Oldenburg Branch presented »MOND« project in Berlin.


Data Protection for Biosignals

Between data worthy of protection and pertinent research: How might practicable data protection concepts and anonymisation techniques for biosignals look?


Mobile multisensor system for sleep monitoring at home

We are working on a multi-sensor system close to the ear that records sleep behavior comfortably at home.


Contactless respiration monitoring

Breathing is essential - that's why it can be important to record and monitor breathing parameters in the medical field. The group »Mobile Neurotechnologies« is working on monitoring breathing.


Mobile EEG-Systems for better epilepsy treatment

Exactly recorded biosignals at the time of the seizure in everyday processes help in the classification of epilepsy disorders.


Better listening at the cocktail party

At a busy party, a healthy hearing can concentrate on a single voice. Many hearing impaired people have a problem with this.


Mobile ADHD therapy system

The development envisages a mobile system in order to also implement a home application and thus be able to design the therapy plan more flexibly and individually.


Digital hearing and speech training

How can highly hearing-impaired people be supported in their therapy? We are developing a digital system to enable intensive training.


Connected Health

The work area Connected Health dedicates its research and development activities to sensor-based health systems that can be deployed flexibly and without clinical infrastructure.


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