From comfort to safety

Speech detection systems allow operation of technical systems without visual or physical contact. The speech recognition technology of the Fraunhofer Division functions robustly and without an internet connection.

Speech Recognition

Robust even under difficult acoustic conditions

Intelligent speech input systems are increasingly being used as a user interface in human-technology interaction. The Division Hearing, Speech and Audio Technology is working on speech detection systems that function robustly even under conditions with background noise and with a large distance between the microphone and speaker. The scientists use current scientific findings from psychoacoustic and psychophysical fundamental research to develop algorithms with a minimum false recognition rate. The phonologically-based speech recognisers can even be adapted to the reduced articulation of stroke patients.


Signal processing in embedded systems

When recogniser systems are implemented on microprocessors, all processing tasks are performed in the device and an internet connection is not needed. This also permits realisation of applications with high data protection

Range of Services

  • Robust speech recognition in far-field and acoustically difficult environments
  • Application-specific adaptation of vocabulary
  • Microphoning and signal preprocessing
  • Implementation of recogniser algorithms in embedded systems
  • Evaluation studies

Smart Home

Speech control integrated in the  Fraunhofer Sound-Technologies-Lab in Oldenburg

Current Research Projects


Speech-to-text for call and service center

Research project KANTATE


Speech control for persons with reduced speech intelligibility

Research project ISi Speech


Speech recognition for indexing and retrieving files

Research project KNOTS