Hearing Perception and Sound Quality

What are the characteristics of a good sound? Why are some noises annoying, while others indicate that a product is functioning reliably? Can a vacuum cleaner sound powerful even though it is quiet? Psychoacoustics sets out to provide answers to these questions. For this purpose, research is conducted into the physical factors that influence the subjective perceived sound quality. In order to describe and predict the quality of sounds, the Fraunhofer research scientists work in close cooperation with the scientists conducting fundamental research at the Carl von Ossietzsky University of Oldenburg to develop computer models that simulate the hearing perception of normal and impaired hearing. The scientists develop application-specific evaluation measurements for sound parameters such as loudness, speech intelligibility, roughness or annoyance.

Range of Services

  • Computer-based, psychoacoustic evaluation of sound quality and speech intelligibility
  • Perception models for different sound parameters
  • Studies for subjective evaluation of speech and sound quality with persons with normal and impaired hearing from all age groups as well as so-called expert hearers

Products and Solutions


Your sound, in every situation

Everyone hears differently. »YourSound« of Fraunhofer IDMT in Oldenburg enables users of audio devices to adjust audio to their own acoustic preferences – as easy as never before!



Modular software for evaluation of speech intelligibility and sound quality



Real-time monitoring of speech intelligibility