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  • Red when mumbling!

    Press Release / December 10, 2020

    Scientists at Fraunhofer IDMT in Oldenburg are developing solutions to improve the intelligibility of speech in media. Algorithms for automatic measurement, evaluation and presentation of speech intelligibility facilitate the work of sound engineers in film, game and audio productions. With the implementation of intelligibility technology in Steinberg's current production solution Nuendo, a traffic light now indicates how well the spoken words will be objectively received by listeners.

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  • Wouldn’t it be great if an intelligent button in your ear could protect your hearing from loud ambient noise and at the same time enable crystal-clear communication with people and machines? On the Fraunhofer IDMT’s virtual exhibition stand at the Fraunhofer Solution Days 2020, experts will present their latest developments for a hearable for use in smart industrial workplaces. Participation is free of charge.

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  • © ipopba

    Fraunhofer IDMT has developed a software tool for quality inspectors based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), which automates and simplifies the analysis of industrial sounds, for example in welding processes. Thanks to pre-built AI models, established methods for audio analysis and application-specific sensor data, companies can use it to improve their quality control decisively. Even without AI expert knowledge, statements can be made quickly and reliably regarding the quality of products and manufacturing processes during production and in the final quality inspection. The Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT will be presenting the new software at its virtual booth in the "Plant and Mechanical Engineering" area of the first virtual Fraunhofer trade fair, the "Fraunhofer Solution Days 2020".

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  • It is the details that make all the difference. Epileptic disorders can vary greatly in terms of type, cause and severity. This makes having accurate knowledge of the person’s individual medical condition very important when choosing a custom-fit therapy. To date, physicians have to rely on accounts by the person concerned and those close to them when estimating how often seizures occur. However, this information is often incomplete, as seizures are not always consciously perceived. The partners in the »MOND« project are working on a solution: A mobile neurosensing system suitable for everyday use that detects epileptic seizures automatically and documents them for the purpose of medical anamnesis and optimisation of patient safety. The project, which started in April 2020, is coordinated by the Division Hearing, Speech and Audio Technology of the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT in Oldenburg.

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  • At the Virtual XR Expo on June 25 and 26, 2020, the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT presents "VIPRA", a tool that for the first time makes the sound of virtual products audible in a realistic spatial environment. The benefit: with VIPRA, the acoustics of new products and components can be experienced authentically during the virtual engineering phase. Already in the early phases of virtual prototyping, the acoustic properties and their effect can be assessed continuously and changes in material and design are possible. The Virtual XR Expo is a trade fair for virtual, augmented and mixed reality, which will be digital this year due to coronavirus.

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  • Not all clicks are the same

    Press Release / April 02, 2020

    Manufacturers must be able to respond immediately to faults in machinery and equipment, so as to avoid downtime. An acoustic monitoring system by the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT in Oldenburg recognizes based on noises whether production parameters are within the set limit values. AI-based techniques help manufacturers draw conclusions about the machine condition and optimize production control.

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