Projects and Products

A – D

Aaladin - Application of acoustic recognition technologies to assist care providers

ACME 4.0 - Self-adapting sensor systems for acoustic condition monitoring in Industry 4.0 applications


AKoS- Acoustic inspection of weld seams of safety-critical components as part of quality assurance

ALIAS - Adaptable Ambient Living Assistant

Android - Signal Analysis and Processing on Android Smart Phones for Future Assistance Systems

ATTENTION - Mobile System for ADHD Therapy by Transcranial Electrical Neurostimulation

AudioCAT - Maritime competence assessment via voice-controlled computer dialogue systems

Audio Forensics

Audio Phylogeny Analysis

Audio Segment Matching


AuWiS – Audiovisual recording and reproduction of traffic noise for the simulation of sound insulation measures

AVP3 – Acoustically Advanced Virtualization of Products and Production Processes

BASS – Evaluation and analysis of speech interaction with smart speakers

CARROUSO - Creating, Assessing and Rendering in Real-time Of high-quality aUdio-viSual envirOments

Cough Recognition of Rats

Crowd Game Controlling

CUbRIK - Human-enhanced Multimedia Search

DeViSe - Automatic Detection, Localization and Tracking of Birds and Animal Sounds by means of an Intelligent Acoustic Sensor System

Digger - Deepfake Detection

Digital Cinema Chain - Processing Sequence of All Aspects of Film Production and Distribution

DIOMEDES - Distribution of Multiview Entertainment Using Content-Aware Delivery Systems

DIRAC - Detection and Identification of Rare Audio-visual Cues

DIVAS - Direct Video & Audio Content Search Engine

DMD4Future - Digitized Material and Data Value Chains

DREAMS - Dereverberation and Reverberation of Audio, Music and Speech

Dynamic Sound Design Tool