Projects and Products

A – D

Aaladin – Application of acoustic recognition technologies to assist care providers

ACME 4.0 – Self-adapting sensor systems for acoustic condition monitoring in Industry 4.0 applications

Actor Recognition

Adapt-DRC – Real-time optimization of speech intelligibility

AI4Media – A Centre of Excellence delivering next generation AI Research and Training at the service of Media, Society and Democracy

AKoS – Acoustic inspection of weld seams of safety-critical components as part of quality assurance

ALIAS – Adaptable Ambient Living Assistant

Android – Signal Analysis and Processing on Android Smart Phones for Future Assistance Systems

ATTENTION – Mobile System for ADHD Therapy by Transcranial Electrical Neurostimulation

AudioCAT – Competence assessment via voice-controlled computer dialogue systems

Audio Forensics

Audio Phylogeny Analysis

Audio Segment Matching


AUVIP – Making virtual products audible in space

AuWiS – Audiovisual recording and reproduction of traffic noise for the simulation of sound insulation measures

AVP3 – Acoustically Advanced Virtualization of Products and Production Processes

BASS – Evaluation and analysis of speech interaction with smart speakers

BioMonitor4CAP - Advanced biodiversity monitoring for results-based and effective agricultural policy and transformation

BSoundH – Semi-automated processing of underwater acoustic rawdata

CARROUSO – Creating, Assessing and Rendering in Real-time Of high-quality aUdio-viSual envirOments

Click Detection – Acoustic monitoring for plug connections in industrial production

Connected Health – Intelligent health systems that connect!

ConstructionsAIt – Multi-modal AI-driven technologies for automatic construction site monitoring

Cough Recognition of Rats

Crowd Game Controlling

CUbRIK – Human-enhanced Multimedia Search

DeViSe – Automatic Detection, Localization and Tracking of Birds and Animal Sounds by means of an Intelligent Acoustic Sensor System

Digger – Deepfake Detection

Digital Cinema Chain – Processing Sequence of All Aspects of Film Production and Distribution

DIOMEDES – Distribution of Multiview Entertainment Using Content-Aware Delivery Systems

DIRAC – Detection and Identification of Rare Audio-visual Cues

DIVAS – Direct Video & Audio Content Search Engine

DMD4Future – Digitized Material and Data Value Chains

DREAMS – Dereverberation and Reverberation of Audio, Music and Speech

Dynamic Sound Design Tool


I – L

IAVAS – Interactive Audio-visual Application Systems

IDCheck – AI-based identity verification

IDEAS – Identification of autism spectrum disorders with speech and facial expression screening

iKabel – Information Services and Interactive Services ins Broadband Cable Networks

ImageCLEF – Photo Annotation - Test collections of the Visual Concept Detection and Annotation Task (VCDT) in ImageCLEF from 2009-2011

IMC – I-Media-Cities

IMPASA – Intelligent acoustic monitoring platforms and sensor networks for use in industrial applications

IndiFon – Individual, interactive hearing assistance on the telephone

Industrial working group »Audio Technology for Intelligent Production«

iNetVoice – Development of a system for the acoustic call for help and communication function for the nurse call for use in nursing homes

Intelligent Acoustic Sensor Nodes

INTERKOMM – Interaction techniques for individual communication support in demographic change

InterOP – Interoperability Using Open Structures for Ambient Assisted Living

ISAAC – Industrial Sound Analysis for Automated Quality Control

ISAD – Informed Sound Activity Detection in Music Recordings

ISAD 2 – Informed Sound Activity Detection in Music and Audio Signals

ISi Speech – Speech control for persons with reduced speech intelligibility

KANTATE – Cognitive Assistive System for Support and Information Presentation for Older Workers in Call Centers

KI-MUSIK 4.0 – Microelectronics-based Universal Sensor Interface with Artificial Intelligence for Industry 4.0

KISH – AI-based selective hearing via headphones

KOPRA-M – Development of Empiric Validation of a Model of Music-Practical Competences

KNOTS – Knowledge-Transfer System

LeseKind – AI-supported application for assessing reading proficiency

LidEO – Airborne sound analysis in the end-of-line test of the automotive industry

Q – T

Reliable speech documentation

REMUS – Respiration Measurement Using Sensors

Research Group »Innovative Methods and Technologies for Spatial Hearing und Speech Intelligibility with Hearing Implants«

REWIND – REVerse engineering of audio-VIsual coNtent Data

S4CS – Speech Assistance for Citizen Services

S4ECoB – Sounds for Energy Control of Buildings

SAISBECO – Semi-Automated Audiovisual Species and Individual Identification System for Behavioral Ecological Research and Conservation

SEC-Learn – Sensor Edge Cloud for Federated Learning

Semantic HiFi

SensOhr®-Platform – The research platform for the ear-based detection of biosignals

SHAPES – Scalable Software Hardware Architecture Platform for Embedded Systems

SI-Live – Real-time monitoring of speech intelligibility

SiBed – Simulation of User Interfaces for Industrial Machines based on Cognitive Models

SITA – Speech Intelligibility Transformation & Autocorrection

SI4B – Speech Intelligibility for Broadcasting

SleepWell – Development of a mobile multisensor system for sleep monitoring at home

Smart Kita – In the middle of working life at 60+ - Assisted jobs against the background of demographic


SonicSentinel – Intelligent Noise Guard for Detecting Critical Situations of the Elderly in Care and at Home


SPADE – multi-purpoSe Physical-cyber Agri-forest Drones Ecosystem for governance and environmental observation

SpatialAV – Intelligent, Modular, Multi-Sensory Recording and Production System for Immersive Audiovisual Media

SpatialSound Wave

Speaker recognition

SpeechTrust+ – Detection of AI-based speech synthesis and voice distortion for evidence verification and protection against fraud and disinformation

SPIRIT – Scalable privacy preserving intelligence analysis for resolving identities


SVAT – Speech and Voice Analysis Technologies as a Service

SyncGlobal – Global music search applied to cross-modal synchronization with video content

Temporal Video Segmentation

The Hearing Car – Hearing for the Car

THERESIAH – Digital therapysystem to train hearing and articulation for highly hearing-impaired persons


TRA-ICT – Trusted Resource Aware ICT