Many years of expertise

The Branch can call on many years of expertise in audio system technology – ranging from signal recording with microphone arrays and signal processing methods through to transmission technology

Audio System Technology and Signal Processing

Applications in the fields of audio system technology and signal processing are one of the main areas of expertise of the Branch Hearing, Speech and Audio Technology. The researchers develop technologies for signal recording and enhancement that can be combined and integrated on a modular basis. Depending on the acoustic requirements, vibration sensors or arrays with a large number of different microphone types are used. Using single- or multi-channel signal processing, the signal can then be optimised for the respective application. Thanks to their in-depth know-how of methods for implementing signal processing in embedded systems and of synchronous transmission technology, the scientists are able to optimally integrate new audio technologies in existing applications and designs.

Range of Services

  • Single- and multi-channel signal processing
    •     direction filtering (beamforming)
    •     localisation
    •     methods for reduction of interference noise and echo
    •     reverberation suppression and signal equalisation
  • Design of microphone arrays with a large number of microphones and microphones of different types (e.g. MEMS)
  • Application-specific hardware development of signal processing units
  • Synchronous transmission technology for multi-channel audio signals via standard IP protocols, USB audio and customer-specific interfaces

Products and Solutions



Hardware-Design für unterschiedlichste Bauformen


Intelligent Acoustic Sensor Nodes

Easily integratable sensor platform for capturing and processing acoustic data in sensor networks.

Current Research Projects


Press Release / 14.6.2016

Industrie 4.0 learns how to hear

In the joint project ACME 4.0, partners from industry and research will investigate the potential of acoustically monitoring machines and production processes. The goal is to develop an energy-autonomous, highly-integrated sensor platform that can be integrated wirelessly in industrial installations.


Dereverberation and reverberation of audio, music, and speech

In the Marie-Curie Initial Training Network »DREAMS (Dereverberation and Reverberation of Audio, Music, and Speech)«, Fraunhofer IDMT develops signal processing strategies designed to remove reverberation components.


Acoustic monitoring in Smart Cities

Insight into our Research

In the research project EarIt Fraunhofer IDMT developed an acoustic processing unit, that can easily be integrated into existing cable-based or wireless sensor networks.