Planar Speakers

Fraunhofer IDMT’s new planar speaker technology combines great sound quality and space-saving, flexible design. The technology is ideal for being installed in any environment – either as an unobtrusive, practically invisible component, fully integrated with the environment or any other object, or as a dedicated design element contributing to the aesthetics of a room.

Great sound quality

The planar speaker technology comprises an array of miniature  speakers, which can be scaled to meet a wide range of requirements
concerning sound pressure level and frequency range. Based on a multi-channel conceptual approach, the sound is homogeneously
emitted in all directions across the entire frequency range. Thanks to the active electronic components, the sound can be adjusted to specific room acoustics.

Space-saving integration

Fraunhofer IDMT’s planar speaker technology provides great sound in any event, no matter if installed directly on a wall or integrated in a piece of furniture. Where traditional speakers require too much space and thus cannot be installed (in a multimedia device or a car, for  example), this technology opens up entirely new possibilities.

Enhanced design options

As the planar speaker technology is flexible in design, allowing the front surface to be graphically designed at will, it can be used in multiple ways. Whether unobtrusively integrated in a given environment or used as an eye-catcher, the planar speaker technology can be used anywhere a perfect match of sound and vision is to be achieved.

  • Scalable sound pressure level and frequency range
  • Active electronic components (amplifier + DSP) for EQing and protection
  • Variable size and design
  • Depth of enclosure < 2.0 cm, if required
  • Graphically designable front surface
  • Multiple installation possibilities

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