Taking advantage of special facilities, work shops, measuring devices, and testing methods, the Acoustics department is able to conduct a wide range of measurements, quality assurance tests, and product evaluations.

Anechoic Room

Anechoic Room

The anechoic room is among the most modern of its kind in Germany. Because of its size, equipment and frequency spectrum, it is ideally suited for precise acoustic measurements and listening tests.

  • Usable size: 9.3 m long, 4.9 m wide, 7.2 m high
  • Precision method (according to DIN EN ISO 3745)
  • Lower cut-off frequency: 63 Hz, upper cut-off frequency: 20 Hz
  • ELF – loudspeaker turning device for Balloon Measurement
  • Loudspeaker Turntable Bruel&Kjaer Type 9640
  • Microphone Cableway MSB (Norsonic)
  • Setting up of steel grating is possible
  • 105 holding fixtures at the walls (max. gross load hauled 100 kg)
  • 36 holding fixtures at the ceiling (max. gross load hauled 100 kg)
  • Video-surveillance

3D Presentation Room

This special laboratory is intended for developing spatial audiovisual systems as well as for research on audiovisual perception.

  • Room acoustics according to recommendation ITU-R BS. 1116-1
  • 3D active stereo projector (3-chip DLP projector with 6,500 ansi lumen light power, SXGA+ resolution)
  • Acoustically transparent screen for coupling with audio playout systems
  • Trussing system with 80 mobile speaker fixtures
  • Optical tracking system with 6 infrared cameras and a PC incl. control software
  • Mobile absorber boards
  • Scalable multichannel speaker system with up to 650 single speakers
  • Signal input via control room or network possible
  • Loudspeaker wall

Wave Studio

This fixed sound system is used for further development of spatial audio output technologies based on Wave Field Synthesis.

  • sound system with 88 tweeters and midrange speakers and 4 subwoofers
  • Room acoustics according to recommendation ITU-R BS. 1116-1
  • Video screen and beamer
  • Signal input also via external control room or network possible (12 x 64 audio channels via LWL + 12 XLR)
  • Transmission media KVM, Cat6, LWL, XLR, BNC, DSub9 and Midi (flexible setup of further lines possible)

Testing and Measuring Lab

Testing and Measuring Lab

This state-of-the-art measuring lab allows independent electrical and acoustic measurements of audio hardware and measurements for quality evaluation under standard conditions.

  • Room acoustics according to recommendation ITU-R BS. 1116-1
  • 5.1 Surround Setup by Klein+Hummel (O500C, O900 with KPA 2220, ProM1012)
  • mobile absorber boards
  • Signal input also via external control room and network possible (10 x 64 audio channels via LWL + 12 XLR)
  • Transmission media KVM, Cat6, LWL, XLR, BNC, DSub9 and Midi (flexible setup of further lines possible)

Printed Circuit Board Lab

In the Printed Circuit Board lab, printed circuit board prototypes for demonstrators and measuring devices can be manufactured in a short time with consistently high quality. 



  • Design workstation: circuit development and simulation; CAD programs for PCB production
  • Circuit board plotter: Milling of copper-coated conductors with 150um spacing; drilling and milling of two-sided boards without through-hole plating
  • Screen and stencil printer: application of solder paste on the board with the help of a paste screen; even distribution of the solder paste on the solder surfaces
  • Manual pick and place machine: placement of the components with support from gripper arm and cameras (ball grid array placement also possible); several options for providing the components
  • Reflow oven: baking of components to reduce humidity; soldering of assembled boards
  • Soldering workstation: soldering of components that are not suitable for the soldering oven; desoldering of small components with hot air soldering irons; resoldering and repairs.
  • Measuring workstation: Power supply and oscilloscope for commissioning and setting prototype parameters

Facilities for:

  • Assembling and manufacturing prototypes
  • Loudspeaker balloon measurements and EASE-Data generation
  • Loudspeaker driver measurements (Klippel R&D System)
  • Microphone directivity measurements
  • Surface vibration measurements (Polytec Laser Scanning Vibrometer)
  • Room acoustic measurements (Outline Dodecaeder)
  • Absorption loss and transmission measurements (Kundt’s tube)
  • Sound power and sound intensity measurements of arbitrary sound and noise sources
  • Binaural measurements and analysis (head and torso simulator)