Fraunhofer IDMT presents a new version of askMe!, the adaptive e-assessment tool, at LEARNTEC 2018

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At LEARNTEC 2018, the leading trade fair for digital learning taking place January 30 to February 1 in Karlsruhe, Fraunhofer IDMT will be presenting a new version of askMe!, comprising new functions as well as extensions of existing functions.

adaptive e-assessment tool askMe!
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Thanks to the easy-to-use askMe! dashboard students have an overview about their learning goals and the learning progress.

askMe! is Fraunhofer IDMT‘s adaptive, interactive tool for preparing exams and assessing the knowledge and skills of employees, apprentices, or job applicants. askMe! is based on an entirely new approach to e-testing and e-assessing the knowledge of learners. The tool allows the integration of interactive multimedia content into test scenarios, and the compilation of the test scenario and the presentation of the feedback can be adapted to the learner’s individual needs and requirements. The new version of askMe! comes with a revised exercise/question editor, which was extended by new types of graphical exercises (e.g. Hotspot, Graphic Gap Match) and open questions (Extended Text, Drawing). The test environment was revised too, offering users more convenience with regard to free navigation and for using the tool on mobile devices. And also the presentation of the test results to the learner has been improved – besides the overall score achieved, the time required for completing the test, and how many questions were answered correctly and how many wrong, the new version displays an evaluation of every single exercise completed.

An entirely new element of askMe! is the survey feature, allowing registered users to send questionnaires developed by themselves to a large number of recipients, who need not be registered with askMe! in order to take part in the survey. The recipients can fill in the questionnaire online and send it back to the pollster. The survey results can be displayed in various graphical forms by clicking on a few buttons. 

Another new function of askMe! allows tutors to present students individual recommendations regarding specific lectures and courses to attend in order to overcome their knowledge deficits. Furthermore, askMe! is now connected to Wikipedia and Wikidata – elementary terms and dates for a certain field of knowledge are linked to the respective web pages to quickly retrieve important information.

Please feel free to stop by Fraunhofer‘s booth D78 in hall 1, and get to know the new features and functions of askMe!.

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