Automotive Audio: Audio Objects as Platform Technology in Vehicles

Researchers at Fraunhofer IDMT have developed a 3D audio technology based on audio objects which, as a central audio platform in the vehicle, allows the creation of interactive and immersive audio content and thus creates completely new application scenarios for the use of audio in vehicles. In the technical article for audioXpress magazine, our acoustics expert Christoph Sladeczek describes a new workflow that enables the rendering of audio objects in serial vehicles on resource-limited hardware:


The availability of immersive entertainment and personalized sound staging will be essential in automotive audio. This article describes a new workflow comprising the rendering of audio objects for the production and tuning process, as well as the implementation on resource-limited hardware. As audio will play a significant role in upcoming interior concepts, object-based audio provides a novel interface to create immersive and interactive audio content significantly reducing the complexity of the audio production workflow for car manufacturers.

Here you can find the detailed article:
»Automotive Audio: Audio Objects as Platform Technology in Vehicles«


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