Amsterdam, The Netherlands  /  September 15, 2023  -  September 18, 2023

Audiovisual Identity Suite at IBC 2023 in Amsterdam

Unifying Face and Speaker Analysis for Rich Media Metadata

At this year’s IBC, we will introduce our Audiovisual Identity Suite, a comprehensive toolkit designed to transform your media analysis capabilities by efficiently navigating and analyzing large volumes of audiovisual data.  

Simultaneous face and speaker recognition enables the fast location and identification of individuals and voices across vast media archives. In addition, we offer 'perceived gender' classification, enabling enhanced analyses to support diversity and inclusivity.  

Unleash the potential of your media archives with our automatic metadata enrichment and streamlined acquisition of audiovisual content. We offer customizable data visualizations to access and interpret your findings and support strategic business decisions. 

Broadcasters, media agencies, research institutions, government bodies and commercial users can benefit from these powerful tools to improve their data insight. The Audiovisual Identity Suite not only provides comprehensive media analytics but also aligns with ESG reporting criteria, promoting diversity and inclusivity within media output. 

Navigate and analyze large volumes of audiovisual data efficiently with customizable solutions. 

Our offering includes bespoke solutions as a service tailored to your specific needs. For selected components we provide licensing options to integrate them into customer systems.

Visit our booth B.80 in hall 8 to discover how our Audiovisual Identity Suite can unlock new insights for you. Feel free to contact our colleagues Uwe Kühhirt and Christian Rollwage to set up an appointment in advance.