Audiovisual Identity Suite

Which celebrities are most often heard and seen in recent news coverage? Are people perceived as male and female equally represented in the program? How do I find all the broadcasts about a particular person in my archive? Large media archives offer an enormous treasure trove of data, but it is only with powerful analysis tools that this data can be used and analyzed in an efficient way.

The Audiovisual Identity Suite is a comprehensive toolkit designed to transform your media analysis capabilities. Simultaneous face and speaker recognition enables the fast location and identification of individuals and voices across vast media archives. In addition, it offers "perceived gender" classification based on audio and video, enabling enhanced inclusivity and diversity analyses across large volumes of audiovisual content.

Application areas

Whether it's for enhancing production efficiency, advancing academic research or reporting – our suite of tools promises to unlock new insights for broadcasters, media agencies, research institutions, government bodies and commercial users.

Audiovisual Identity Suite at a glance

Content collection and acquisition

Efficient data collection across various sources, including broadcasters, streaming platforms, and satellite transponders. The process of content acquisition is versatile and comprehensive, whether your audiovisual content needs to be captured in real-time, or aggregated offline across disparate libraries or archives. 

Simultaneous analysis and interpretation of audiovisual Data

Cross-modal capability enables the analysis visual and audio elements at the same time, delivering a richer, more comprehensive understanding of the media content. It is especially useful in situations where audio and visual data complement each other or form distinct parts of the overall story.

Audio analysis

Advanced features to analyze audio content, identify speakers, classify perceived gender, convert speech to text, and perform keyword analysis. Additional capabilities enable the assessment of speech intelligibility and the detection of synthesized speech to distinguish human language from bots. 

Advanced video analysis

Elevate the comprehension of your audiovisual data with superior face detection, identification and cutting-edge “perceived gender” classification tools with advanced features and high levels of precision. 

Interactive data dashboard                      

Interact and interpret your data with interactive tools to access and analyze statistics, trends, timelines and heat maps. Transform complex data into intuitive, easy-to-understand visualizations, with data dashboards that can be fully customized.

The analysis results can be displayed in "heat maps“ that visually represent when and where a person appeared, or was audible, across various TV channels over customer-specified durations.
The “Appearance Details” show when a specific person was visually or audibly present in a program. The combined analysis also indicates when the person was only heard but not displayed in the image, e.g. when he or she speaks in talk shows, but other people of the conversation group or from the audience are faded in.

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Facial Analysis Technologies

Detect faces, recognize a specific person and identify characteristics such as perceived gender or age with our AI-based facial recognition and analysis


Speaker Recognition

Who actually speaks when and where? What language is being spoken? We can answer these questions with our acoustic recognition technology.