Ergo VR

Development of an ergonomics analysis tool in virtual reality for planning workplaces in industrial manufacturing

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Production plant simulated in VR.
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Ergonomic analysis of workplaces.

Usability and ergonomics analyses of new production plants in industrial manufacturing rarely already take place in the planning stage. To date, the exchange of information when planning new plants frequently occurs via descriptions, drafts on paper or PowerPoint slides. This means that the plant operator has only limited possibilities to introduce his own experience from practice and of the ergonomic merits of the workplace into the development process early on. Changes at a later planning stage are very time-consuming and costly.

The ErgoVR project centres on the development of a virtual reality-based tool (VR) for the ergonomic analysis of workplaces in order to be able to conduct ergonomic evaluations and user studies still during the planning phase and before a new production plant is assembled. With a production plant simulated in VR, the implementation of various plant concepts can be tested and compared in order to assess the work situation in relation to individual occupational health and to reduce operating errors and accidents.

The project ErgoVR was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, KMU-innovativ, VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH and