AuWiS – Audiovisual recording and reproduction of traffic noise for the simulation of sound insulation measures

The aim of the project is a realistic audiovisual analysis, simulation and reproduction of railway noise as well as noise insulation measures. By means of spatial visualization and auralization train passings and variable noise insulation is to be made virtually tangible. The focus is on the development of new, cost-efficient and versatile methods and tools, which can also be used in interactive applications. In order to enable dynamic simulations, innovative audio recording methods are to be developed, with which sound fields can also be correctly reproduced for various immission or listener positions. Interactive simulation models for various noise insulation measures are also to be developed in order to be auralized in real-time. By implementing computer-generated, audiovisual simulations and the use of cost-effective reproduction formats such as VR glasses or tablet applications, affordable and versatile simulation systems are to be developed for future use in the areas of noise assessment and noise planning.

Responsibilities of Fraunhofer IDMT

Fraunhofer IDMT is responsible for the auralization of railway traffic noise as well as for the acoustic simulation of noise insulation measures. For this purpose, suitable audio recording methods are developed and applied, the acoustic effects of noise protection measures are derived, and the auralization is implemented in an object-based reproduction system.

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