Learn to Play by Playing

With Songs2See learning an instrument will be like child play. The software takes the concept of music video games to the next level. It uses real musical instruments instead of video game controllers. Users can choose any song title from their own music collection, use the software to create training material and practice with their own instrument. This motivates and improves both musical knowledge and motor skills – instead of the mere memorizing of key combinations on a video game controller.

Playful Learning Support

Songs2See detects and displays the played notes in real-time, compares them with the notes of the training material, and gives immediate visual feedback to the user. In this way, motivation remains constant over a longer period of time. With an integrated “Learning Mode” Songs2See allows playful, step by step training of the user’s favorite songs.

Individualized Training Material

With the Songs2See Editor, any song can be automatically transformed into practice material. Users can put together a personal exercise with their favorite songs in a few steps. Thus, learning a musical instrument is easier and more entertaining.

Any Instrument Can Be Used

Whether guitar, piano, saxophone, vocals or any of the supported instruments – the exercise material can be used with any instrument. There is no need to buy expensive and complicated hardware. A simple computer microphone to capture the user’s performance is the only thing needed.

Uncomplicated Usage and Care

The Songs2See Game is available as a web-service. This simplifies care and maintenance of the software as well as allowing uncomplicated usage and integration on different websites. The Songs2See Game is available for any operating system and can also be used offline.

Demo Version

You can find a demo version of Songs2See on the Website of Songquito UG (

Project Partners and Support

The Thuringian Ministry of Economy, Employment and Technology granted funds of the European Fund for Regional Development to the project Songs2See. This way, transnational cooperation between the Thuringian players Fraunhofer IDMT, KIDS Interactive GmbH, Sweets for Brains GmbH and their European partners Stord/Haugesund University College, Grieg Music Education AS and the Tampere University of Technology is supported by the Free State of Thuringia and the European Union.


Licensing – Songs2See Technology for Your Software Solution

Songs2See and the used analyzing technologies are available as platform-independent libraries and can easily be integrated. Please contact us for your individual offer and licensing model.

Private Use – Practice with Songs2See at Home

Produce your own exercise material and improve your skills playfully. Songs2See is commercially available for home users at

Songs2See – The Game

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Songs2See – The Editor

How do you generate content for the Songs2See game?

Songs2See – Creation of Solo and Backing Tracks

How do you generate solo and backing tracks from content created in the Songs2See editor.

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