Research and Public Projects

Fraunhofer IDMT works closely with international research partners to develop long-term and mutually-beneficial public and privately-funded projects with industry, government, non-profits and other organizations.

Our focus is on broadcasting, digital TV and streaming services, radio and music industry players, and regulatory / law enforcement matters that include content moderation, deep fake detection, and forensics.

Fraunhofer provides leadership in the development of proposals, projects and programs, and seeks to develop new and expand existing partnerships with local, national and international organizations.

Fraunhofer IDMT works closely with researchers to champion their interests and goals. We analyze market opportunities and maintain a portfolio of partnership opportunities and then develop major projects by identifying, cultivating, closing and managing research partnerships to push our research agenda and further innovation.

Research Topics and Competencies

Audio-visual Systems

  • Algorithms, components and systems for automatic audiovisual content analysis
  • Semantic image and video processing

Media Distribution and Security

  • Efficient, copyright-aware aggregation, processing and distribution of media content in B2B scenarios
  • Consideration of security issues and privacy protection in media systems

Semantic Music Technologies

  • Signal processing and pattern recognition algorithms
  • Automatic music analysis for search, recommendation, game and educational applications, and music production

Publicly Financed Research Projects


A Centre of Excellence delivering next generation AI Research and Training at the service of Media, Society and Democracy


Anonymization of personal health data by generating digital avatars


Advanced biodiversity monitoring for results-based and effective agricultural policy and transformation


Data protection via statistical analysis and adaptive anonymization of personal data for SMEs


Informed Sound Activity Detection in Music and Audio Signals


Sensor Edge Cloud for Federated Learning


multi-purpoSe Physical-cyber Agri-forest Drones Ecosystem for governance and environmental observation


Detection of AI-based speech synthesis and voice distortion for evidence verification and protection against fraud and disinformation


Trusted Resource Aware ICT

VERification Assisted by Artificial Intelligence

Published Datasets

Within the last years the Semantic Music Technologies group has compiled audio datasets for research areas like the detection of instruments, fingerings or performance analysis. These datasets have been presented in several scientific publications on international conferences and shall serve the scientific community as potential benchmarks for comparison experiments.

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