Video Segment Matching

Video Segment Matching is a software which recognizes identical video segments in different videos and determines their exact position and length. It allows broadcasting corporations, video archive operators, and content portal operators to improve content tracking, facilitate video data management, and identify copyright infringement.

Reduced time and effort

The Video Segment Matching software detects in which TV formats purchased content is used and through which channels it is distributed – even if content has been manipulated or transcoded. This facilitates accurate accounting of copyright protected content. Furthermore, tedious manual content tracking is no longer required.

Efficient data management

The software scans archives in order to detect duplicates and reveal connections between different pieces of content containing the same original material. Thereby data can be saved and managed more efficiently. As the analysis of video segments is content based, manually created textual metadata, which is often inaccurate or missing, is not required.

Easy accounting of content

Video Segment Matching facilitates accounting of copyright protected content. The software automatically detects original video segments that are used in larger content sequences, and it determines the exact percentage to which that original material has been used. Video Segment Matching may therefore serve as a basis for developing a percentage based payment model, which both copyright owners and video portal operators may benefit from.

Application Scenarios

  • Content tracking: automatic identification and tracking of purchased content in archives
  • Archive cleanup: automatic de-duplication of content and efficient management of video data

Facial Analysis Technologies

  • Content-based video analysis
  • Available as 32-bit and 64-bit C++ Libraries for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
  • Wrapper for easy integration in Java environment
  • Results provided in JSON format
  • Integration in existing systems and customization on request
  • Free test version with sample application available on request

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