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Fraunhofer IDMT demonstrates new object based room simulation feature at Prolight + Sound

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Tomorrow the international trade fair of technologies and services for entertainment, integrated systems and creation will start in Frankfurt am Main. Fraunhofer IDMT will be presenting »RSM Pro«, the new object based room simulation feature, which now has been integrated into »SpatialSound Wave«, Fraunhofer’s system for producing and replaying true-to-life 3D sound. Using RSM Pro, room parameters and sound reflections can be set individually to make things sound really natural.

Since the beginning of the year 2016 Zurich Opera House works with SpatialSound Wave.
Since the beginning of the year 2016 Zurich Opera House works with SpatialSound Wave.

At the trade fair, acousticians will be presenting the latest version of SpatialSound Wave. While the system allows the listener to virtually immerse in the sound and enjoy an acoustically realistic sound experience, it offers sound engineers new options to easily and efficiently produce spatial sound.

RSM Pro, the new object based, easy to use room simulation feature, allows for individual prolongation of reverberation times and high-resolution spatial representation. Sound reflections are calculated automatically and represented in a physically correct fashion. »3D sound produced with the help of RSM Pro simply sounds unobtrusive and realistic, as sound reflections originate in a timely correct fashion related to the original sound source«, says René Rodigast, head of Professional Audio at Fraunhofer IDMT.

Another new feature refers to the integration of DAW plug-ins (VST, AAX) into the object based mixing process. The plug-in allows processing of sound mixes in the DAW environment in parallel with the SpatialSound Wave user interface. »This way, work is getting much easier for sound engineers, who can now work on the user interface they are most familiar with, and who can easily adjust the whole configuration to their individual requirements«, explains René Rodigast. Furthermore, the new SpatialSound Wave user interface comes with a new, simplified configuration concept, a new player format, and a new 3D production mode view.  

Feel free to stop by our booth E55 in hall 4.1 at Prolight + Sound to hear the difference!

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