SpatialSound Wave

SpatialSound Wave is an object based system for producing and reproducing true-to-life three-dimensional sound. While the system allows the listener to virtually immerse in the sound and enjoy an acoustically realistic sound experience, it offers sound engineers and other users new options to easily and efficiently produce spatial sound.

A three-dimensional sound experience

Using SpatialSound Wave, audio objects can be positioned at will, providing a totally realistic compliance of what is seen and what is heard. The system features an innovative module for interactive room simulation – by a simple push of a button, any room you can think of is simulated in a perfectly realistic fashion, giving the listener the impression that they are actually right in the middle of a given acoustic scene.

Easy and intuitive use

SpatialSound Wave’s web based, easy-to-use user interface is platform independent. Due to its modular structure, the system can easily be adapted to individual requirements, allowing users to integrate SpatialSound Wave into their daily workflow routine. As the system can be accessed simultaneously over multiple end devices, a number of users can work on the same project at the same time.

Flexible system adaptation

SpatialSound Wave supports any type of loudspeaker. Sound productions can be replayed via different speaker arrangements without losing the sound impression intended by the artist. Conventional speaker arrangements (e.g., L/R, L/C/R, or delay lines) can easily be integrated.

  • Full dome
  • Live sound
  • Entertainment
  • Exhibitions, trade shows, and other events
  • Research and education


  • Dynamic room simulation (regenerative, convolution-based) comprising as many as 16 audio objects
  • Use with any Digital Audio Workstation or live input
  • Quick installation due to intuitive setup
  • Timecode synchronization
  • Supports different interfaces, such as OSC or MIDI (can easily be extended)
  • Allows integration of tracking systems
  • Easy-to-use, browser-based GUI for personal computers and mobile devices


IAN Solutions

IAN Solutions is a leading company for immersive 3D audio solutions. We advise and support the implementation of 3D sound systems and tools for professional applications. We draw our expertise for outstanding, immersive effects from ongoing productions of trend-setting, immersive high-end music productions (including various Grammy nominated productions in the category "Best Immersive Audio Album") and research cooperations with leading representatives of acoustic research and the entertainment industry (Fraunhofer, Dolby, Sony, Auro Technologies, Siemens). As the founder of the "Immersive Audio Network", we have a high-performance, scalable network of international specialists at our disposal for the precise implementation of complex large-scale projects, including in the fields of acoustics, sound reinforcement, studio and live production, VR/AR.

Media Apes

To ensure that 360-degree audio moves all the senses, the 3D audio and VR marketing specialists at MediaApes act with their worldwide network as an interface and networker between research, producers and industry. When using independent technologies as well as object-based 3D audio technology for loudspeaker systems, MediaApes acts as pacemaker, innovation driver and process companion.

SpatialSound Wave

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