Köln  /  January 15, 2018  -  January 21, 2018

IMM Cologne 2018

The Fraunhofer IDMT presents in hall 4.2, booth E42:


Planar Speakers and Personal Sound Zones

Fraunhofer IDMT’s new planar speaker technology combines great sound quality and space-saving, flexible design. Using a 5.1 planar speaker setup, visitors will have the opportunity to not only experience great sound quality, but also multiple ways of installation. The technology is ideal for being installed in any environment – either as an unobtrusive, practically invisible component, fully integrated with the environment or any other object, or as a dedicated design element contributing to the aesthetics of a room.

With Personal Sound Zones Fraunhofer IDMT acousticians will be presenting a loudspeaker technology that offers individual sound for a desired listening area. In each area the listeners can enjoy their individual sound without being disturbed by sound from adjoining zones. In this way different audio content can be played in different areas in one room at the same time, making headphones or earbuds no longer a necessity: while one is watching TV, the other person can enjoy its favorite music from the hi-fi system in the living room.