Dipl.-Ing. Sascha Grollmisch

After finishing his engineering diploma in Media Technology in 2009 at Technische Universität Ilmenau, Sascha Grollmisch started his career as a software developer at Fraunhofer IDMT. Motivated by his passion for music, he was later part of the spin-off company Sonqquito. Songquito is in charge of the distribution of the music education software Songs2See, developed within a long-term research project at Fraunhofer IDMT. For their effort in developing one of the first fully interactive music learning games, the Songquito team received the Innovation and Entrepreneur Award of the German Informatics Society. In the following years, Sascha’s interest and knowledge in automatic music and audio analysis grew stronger with several industry projects, changing his role from software developer to deep learning researcher. With the ACMus research project Sascha started his PhD at Technische Universität Ilmenau in 2019. His thesis focuses on few-shot and semi-supervised deep learning for audio classification tasks from industrial sounds to music recordings.

  • Deep learning with a focus on audio data
  • Semi-supervised, few-shot, and transfer learning
  • Anomaly detection for audio
  • Audio signal processing

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