Business Unit Industrial Media Applications

Acoustic methods for quality assurance in industrial applications


More than ever before, today's economy and industry are characterized by digital media technologies, which enable production processes to be monitored effectively and neutrally, the quality of products to be finally tested and machine failures to be predicted and thus avoided. Both, the machine-supported analysis of machine data and their secure transmission play an important role.

The competences established at Fraunhofer IDMT in the fields of audio-visual signal analysis, machine learning and media-specific security technologies meet the new challenges in the industrial environment with customer-oriented, individual solutions. The new business area Industrial Media Applicationens IMA is concerned with the combination of existing competences in order to create additional value for the industry.

Experiment for the automatic detection of compressed air leaks

Reliably and automatically detect audible leaks thanks to airborne sound analysis and machine learning methods.

In an experiment, Fraunhofer IDMT has investigated whether the trained expert's hearing can be simulated using neural networks to reliably and automatically detect and localize audible leaks. First results can be seen in the video.


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