Business Unit Industrial Media Applications

Artificial intelligence for improved acoustic quality control

We develop AI-based methods for acoustic monitoring (amo) in industrial quality assurance.
We develop AI-based methods for acoustic monitoring (amo) in industrial quality assurance.
Summary of the Business Unit

Due to the increasing degree of automation and the growing complexity of manufacturing processes and products, smart methods are in demand in quality assurance, maintenance and repair. With AI-based acoustic monitoring and acoustic event detection, the business unit Industrial Media Applications offers a reliable and cost-effective method that can be used along the entire value chain for quality assessment. AI-based acoustic monitoring is also suitable for traffic or construction site monitoring, protection of critical infrastructure or biodiversity measurements. Depending on the application, there are specific requirements, on the one hand regarding energy efficiency of the detection technology, on the other hand regarding security and data protection. The business unit develops individualized solutions tailored to the customer's problems.

The research areas include improving the robustness of the analysis algorithms, the fusion of multimodal sensor data and the compression of trained AI models in order to make them available for energy-efficient analysis on mobile devices with limited computing power. Acoustic quality assurance with AI - simple, energy efficient, trustworthy.


Download: Industrial Acoustic Monitoring – Audio Signal Analysis meets AI 

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Research project


Acoustic inspection of weld seams of safety-critical components as part of quality assurance



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Research areas


Automated analysis of industrial sounds


Energy-efficient, compressed AI algorithms


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"Technologietag" by Fraunhofer IDMT

(German-speaking series of events)


Unser Rückblick auf den 2. Technologietag

Das war der 2. Technologietag des Fraunhofer IDMT am 1. Oktober 2019 in Erfurt zum Thema: Qualitätssicherung = Akustik + Künstliche Intelligenz!?


Rückblick auf den ersten Technologietag des Fraunhofer IDMT

Am 9. Oktober 2018 kamen Vertreter aus Industrie und Wissenschaft im comcenter Brühl in Erfurt zusammen, um über neue Anwendungsfälle für akustische Verfahren zur automatischen Fehlererkennung in industriellen Fertigungsprozessen zu diskutieren.

Services and equipment

Range of services

  • Development of customized acoustic recognition technologies and their portation to different edge devices
  • Acoustic measurements
  • Consulting regarding applied acoustic sensor technology
  • Workshops on basics of AI-based signal analysis


  • Test and measurement laboratory
  • Anechoic room
  • In-house Air-Hockey table
  • Various acoustic measurement systems (including laser scanning vibrometer)