SpatialAV – Intelligent, Modular, Multi-Sensory Recording and Production System for Immersive Audiovisual Media

The production of 3D movies for cinema and broadcasting is complex and expensive. To automate production workflows, to produce high-end 3D content despite low costs for the technical production, four Fraunhofer Institutes joint in the Fraunhofer Alliance Digital Cinema are researching together in the "SpatialAV" project.

The goal of this project was the development of intelligent and modular recording and production technologies for creating spatial audiovisual media. In the joint research, Fraunhofer IIS, Fraunhofer FOKUS, Fraunhofer HHI and Fraunhofer IDMT developed intelligent 3D audio technologies and novel tools for producing 3D video content. In connection with intelligent and networked cameras, microphones and sensors, the system is intented for use in a variety of different production scenarios.

Responsibilities of Fraunhofer IDMT

Within the "SpatialAV" project, Fraunhofer IDMT was responsible for 3D audio. For different multi-camera scenarios, suitable recording and production tools were developed, at the same time supplying the necessary infrastructure for creating 3D audiovisual content.

Here, Fraunhofer IDMT developed recording technologies and production tools that allow high-quality sound and spatially precise audio recordings. To allow directors to listen to and check recorded 3D audio material on location, in addition, a compact portable 3D audio playout system is being developed, consisting of loudspeakers and headphones. Apart from that, Fraunhofer IDMT developed suitable and flexible 3D audio file formats for efficient storage, transfer and playout of sound recordings in different playout systems as well as for further data editing. Also, to automatically match the spatial reception of visual and audio content during playout, algorithms were developed and precise evaluations carried out.


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