CUbRIK – Human-enhanced Multimedia Search

"CUbRIK" develops a multimedia search framework to advance the openness of the multimedia search technology to incorporate human and social computation and to enrich the semantics of multimedia content and query processing with the support of temporal and spatial entities.

Responsibilities of Fraunhofer IDMT

  • A/V content analysis (mostly visual analysis)
  • Copyright-aware content processing
  • Content and metadata provenance
  • Crawling of content and rights metadata
  • Content storage including access control

News Content History Demo (NCH)

The purpose of this software is to analyze news video content and detect and visualize reuse of material originating from the same camera source but modified by different distributing instances/TV news shows/broadcasters. This is especially interesting to detect reuse of rare, exclusive material (video or images) provided by news agencies or private persons. We provide a simplified web-based demo for testing purposes upon request.

Copyright aware Crawler (CAC)

This component can be used to retrieve image, video and audio content from publicly available sites with a pre-defined set of permissions (e.g., rights to modify and use content in a commercial context). A free version for non-commercial use is provided upon request. 

Object Storage (OS)

This component supports storage of binary content and JSON documents, including access control and authorization mechanisms. A free version for non-commercial use is provided upon request. 

Please send us an e-mail including your name, affiliation, and the intended purpose of use. We will then provide you the download link.



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