Foodservice Digital Hub

The network for digital innovations in gastronomy

The foodservice industry is characterised by small and medium-sized businesses that are currently undergoing a digital transformation and at the same time are experiencing losses due to the Corona pandemic. The innovation network Foodservice Digital Hub aims to develop market-oriented and digital applications.

The Fraunhofer IDMT in Oldenburg supports the network partners with its expertise in speech recognition and processing. One of the core topics of the innovation network is the linking of artificial intelligence with digital order processes. This is because server-based speech recognition can contribute to the automation and acceleration of processes in order and customer service tasks. For tasks in the local area, such as voice-based order management or interactive digital advertising posters, the Oldenburg Branch is focusing on local speech recognition solutions on the one hand and integration in corresponding hardware solutions on the other. In this way, innovative forms of contactless interaction with guests are to be made possible. The network offers an exciting environment for making speech recognition usable and tangible for customers.

The Foodservice Digital Hub is initially being funded for one year by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

Further Information


Deutsche Telekom’s smart speaker

The Fraunhofer IDMT in Oldenburg has developed the audio technology for Deutsche Telekom’s smart speaker. At the heart of the work is the optimized interaction of speakers and microphones for voice control even in a noisy environment.


Speech Assistance for Citizen Services

Interaction with authorities is often complex and lengthy. Can long waiting times and the time-consuming filling out of applications be avoided? Fraunhofer IDMT in Oldenburg and Fraunhofer FOKUS in Berlin are addressing this question in the »Language Assistant for Citizen Services« project.  


Oldenburg Branch for Hearing, Speech and Audio Technology HSA

The objective of the Oldenburg Branch for Hearing, Speech and Audio Technology HSA of the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital...

The project Foodservice Digital Hub is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) within the programme »Central Innovation Programme for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)«.

Speech Recognition for Products and Processes

Speech detection systems allow operation of technical systems without visual or physical contact. The speech recognition technology of the Fraunhofer IDMT in Oldenburg functions robustly - with and without an internet connection.