MetaStoRe – Metadata Storage and Retrieval

The goal of the »MetaStoRe« EU project was to set up a metadata database for global music. For the duration of the project (11 months), Fraunhofer IDMT and the Norwegian partners Artspages and Grieg Music Education set up a cooperation, to jointly create a prototype of a search platform for the Internet. This should allow the user to search for global music using metadata technologies. For this, the three partners brought in their experiences in music analysis (Fraunhofer IDMT), theme-related data search and content supply (Artspages) as well as web based e-learning applications (Grieg Music).

Responsibilities of Fraunhofer IDMT

Feature extraction

Music similarity

Drum Transcription

GUI Demonstrator


European Union


Artspages (now Phonofile AS)

Grieg Music Education AS