Metavib – Metamaterials for controlling vibroacoustics by means of the resonator effect

The aim of the "Metavib" project is the industrial utilization of vibroacoustic metamaterials (VAMM). The Fraunhofer consortium of specialists from the fields of structural dynamics (Fraunhofer LBF, Fraunhofer IWU), acoustics (Fraunhofer IBP, Fraunhofer IDMT), electroacoustics (Fraunhofer IDMT) and manufacturing technology (Fraunhofer IFAM, Fraunhofer IWU) will for the first time enable the entire value chain of VAMMs to be examined.

Metamaterials are more powerful than natural materials and can solve existing problems, such as susceptibility to vibration in the lightweight construction industry or lack of compactness of noise control measures in the low frequency range. 

Especially active metamaterials are of great interest. These form a compound of individual actuators, so that the material properties can be controlled electronically after manufacturing. In this way, a basic module can be adapted to a variety of applications. Aging processes and external disturbances during operation can also be compensated.

Responsibilities of Fraunhofer IDMT

The necessary actuator and control concepts are developed mainly by Fraunhofer IDMT, which contributes its many years of experience in electroacoustics to the project:

  • Concept/Design active unit cell
  • Control of active unit cell/cell compound
  • Control of active metamaterial in application environment
  • Management of the work package "Simulation methods for the holistic design of VAMM.

Fraunhofer internal funding program


2020 – 2022

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Research topic Sound Field Control

Good sound instead of noise