The goal of this project is to transfer technologies for "better hearing", as known from the field of hearing aid technology and signal processing, into technologies and procedures for the use in multimedia and telecommunication systems. In "MyMMAid", different technologies for personal hearing support and opportunities for individual system configuration by the user are analyzed. The technologies are partly based on each other or become robust towards external interferences when combined with other technologies. So, for example, the multichannel noise reduction for communication systems can benefit from a robust localization of the speaker. These combined demonstrators are e.g. adapted and optimized for a conference system in the "NABCOM" project.

Responsibilities of Fraunhofer IDMT

The Fraunhofer IDMT's Oldenburg Branch for Hearing, Speech and Audio Technology HSA deals with all issues from developing different procedures for signal enhancement and hearing support, their parameterizing and the necessary user interfaces for this. It also deals with the integration of signal processing and adaption procedures on different target platforms like iPhone, telephone, TV, headphones etc.