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Contactless, efficient and secure

Aircraft engine maintenance already relies on hands-free documentation using the speech recognition systems of Fraunhofer IDMT in Oldenburg.
Speech-based documentation systems can save time and costs in logistics too.

Whether for logging maintenance work, for quality assurance, the automated transmission of information to another department or for improving internal processes – documenting information and work steps is an important and absolutely essential task in many companies. However, staff often feel that interrupting work for this reason and downing tools is a nuisance and costs time. In addition, sterile or particularly hazardous work environments require contactless data entry methods.

Speech-based documentation – by the by

The Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT in Oldenburg develops technologies for speech-assisted documentation systems to tackle these unpopular tasks, leaving hands free and without visual contact. Valuable personnel resources can be saved, as documentation tasks are performed alongside the actual main activity. An intelligent voice input system functions as a convenient and contactless operating interface. Thanks to extensive experience in the development of speech-based industrial solutions, the Oldenburg branch’s own speech recognition systems function reliably even in noisy environments as well as at a greater distance from the microphone – in compliance with the highest data privacy requirements, both locally and without internet access if requested. This means that applications are also possible in isolated areas or in plants or critical infrastructures located at a remote distance.

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For the »Hearable for the Smart Industrial Workplace«, the researchers are working with the »Transparent Earpiece«, which was developed within the »Hearing4all« cluster of excellence together with the company InEar. It can serve as a platform for various Fraunhofer IDMT technologies, e.g. contactless speech documentation.

Customised hardware and software developments

To make processes digital and efficient, details count. Solutions must do justice to the actual task and to users. That is why Fraunhofer IDMT offers individual hardware and software developments that can also be integrated into existing systems and on various platforms. They can also be worn directly by staff, for example in an intelligent hearable or headset.

For optimum results, the vocabulary of the speech recognition systems can be quickly and easily adapted to customer- or sector-specific terminology. Our experts are able to control simple technical systems with a small vocabulary as well as to produce dialogue-based applications with a comprehensive vocabulary.

Use in maintenance and quality control

By saving time and costs in various work steps, Fraunhofer IDMT’s speech recognition solutions can generate clear added value and even unique selling points, for example for industrial customers. Aircraft engine maintenance, for instance, already relies on hands-free documentation using the speech recognition systems of Fraunhofer IDMT in Oldenburg. Another application example is the recording of component numbers or damage in end-of-line quality control. But in logistics environments too, contactless voice input methods reduce staff workload.

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Press Information / 2.4.2020

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