Video Motion Analysis

The Video Motion Analysis detects camera motion types, such as pan, tilt, zoom, and unsteady camera movements. Based on motion detection, further video analysis approaches are applied: visual rhythm pattern analysis, e.g. inner shot rhythm classification: fluid, staccato, or no motion, and motion tempo analysis.


  • Universally applicable signal analysis framework for video content
  • Detection independent from distribution channels and formats
  • Applicable for file-based scenarios and stream-based scenarios including real-time requirements
  • Immediate alerting and detailed error reports
  • Detection results can be provided as information for further video analysis components, e.g. Media Quality indexing

Analysis Component

Input: Decoded (uncompressed) video frames, color spaces: YUV 4:2:0 PLANAR, RGB, BGR, BGRA, GRAY, other formats upon request

Results: Measurement values and result reporting


  • Camera motion detection: Detects camera motion types, such as pan, tilt, zoom, and unsteadiness
  • Visual rhythm pattern: Detects and classifies motion patterns in the space of a shot, such as staccato, fluid, and no-motion
  • Coming soon: Visual tempo analysis

The Video Motion Analysis components are being continuously enhanced. If you have specific requirements or would like more information please contact us.


Technical Information

  • Analysis methods encapsulated in dedicated modules
  • Modular architecture supporting customization to individual requirements
  • Components available as C++ libraries for Windows, Linux, and OS X for integration into existing systems, other platforms upon request
  • Evaluation versions available upon request

Licensing Information

  • Basic yearly license for internal use of licensee
  • Reseller license per instance (server) or revenue share (Software as a Service)

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