[1] Christian Dittmar, Daniel Gärtner:

Real-time transcription and separation of drum recordings based on NMF decomposition, Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx-14), Erlangen, Germany, 2014

Database Content

The IDMT-SMT-Drums database is a medium-sized database for automatic drum transcription and source separation.

The dataset consists of 608 WAV files (44.1 kHz, Mono, 16bit). The approximate duration is 2:10 hours.

There are 104 polyphonic drum set recordings (drum loops) containing only the drum instruments kick drum, snare drum and hi-hat. For each drum loop, there are 3 training files for the involved instruments, yielding 312 training files for drum transcription purposes. The recordings are from three different sources:

  • Real-world, acoustic drum sets (RealDrum)
  • Drum sample libraries (WaveDrum)
  • Drum synthesizers (TechnoDrum)

For each drum loop, the onsets of kick drum, snare drum and hi-hat have been manually annotated. They are provided as XML and SVL files that can be assigned to the corresponding audio recording by their filename. Appropriate annotation file parsers are provided as MATLAB functions together with an example script showing how to import the complete dataset.

The subsets TechnoDrum02 and WaveDrum02 contain 64 drum loops that are delivered together with perfectly isolated single tracks of kick drum, snare drum, and hi-hat in addition to the above-mentioned training files. Mixing the single tracks together yields the mixture drum loops, thus providing 192 reference signals for source separation experiments.

More audio datasets

Fraunhofer IDMT has compiled further audio data sets for various research areas such as instrument recognition, fingerings or game analysis.

Research topic

Audio and Visual Content Analysis

Extracting meaningful data from audiovisual content

Research topic

Environmental Sound Analysis

AI-based analysis of complex acoustic scenes and sounds

Research topic

Media Forensics

Trustworthy media content

Research topic

Industrial Sound Analysis

AI-based acoustic monitoring in production