Within the last years Fraunhofer IDMT has compiled audio datasets for different research areas like the detection of instruments, fingerings or performance analysis. These datasets have been presented in several scientific publications on international conferences and shall serve the scientific community as potential benchmarks for comparison experiments.

Media Management and Delivery

Industrial Media Applications

  • IDMT-ISA-Electric-Engine
    An audio database for the automatic analysis of operational states of electric enginges
  • IDMT-ISA-Metal-Balls
    An audio database for the automatic surface detection of metal balls
  • IDMT-ISA-Tubes
    An audio database for the automatic detection of bulk materials
  • IDMT-ISA-Pucks
    An audio database for the automatic detection of plastic materials
  • IDMT-ISA-Compressed-Air
    An audio database for compressed air leak detection
    An audio database for acoustic traffic monitoring
    DESED-FL and URBAN-FL: Federated learning datasets for sound event detection

Acoustic methods for quality assurance in industrial use

Audiovisual content analysis and trusted AI solutions for media