Jakob Abeßer, Saichand Gourishetti, András Kátai, Tobias Clauß, Prachi Sharma, Judith Liebetrau

IDMT-Traffic: An Open Benchmark Dataset for Acoustic Traffic Monitoring Research, EUSIPCO, 2021.

Dataset Overview

The IDMT-TRAFFIC dataset includes 17,506 2-second long stereo audio excerpts of recorded vehicle passings as well as different background sounds alongside streets. The dataset includes recordings from 4 different recording locations, 4 different vehicle types (bus, car, motorcycle, and truck), three different tempo limit areas, as well as dry and wet weather/road conditions. The direction of movement is annotated as well. Recordings with both high-quality sE8 microphones as well as medium-quality MEMS microphones are included.

More audio datasets

Fraunhofer IDMT has compiled further audio data sets for various research areas such as instrument recognition, fingerings or game analysis.

Research topic

Audio and Visual Content Analysis

Extracting meaningful data from audiovisual content

Research topic

Environmental Sound Analysis

AI-based analysis of complex acoustic scenes and sounds

Research topic

Media Forensics

Trustworthy media content

Research topic

Industrial Sound Analysis

AI-based acoustic monitoring in production