Intelligent Control and Design of Acoustic Transducers

Miniature loudspeakers are used today in numerous products such as smartphones, hearables and hearing aids. Miniaturization is also one of the great challenges when it comes to the efficiency of a loudspeaker. Fraunhofer IDMT is meeting this challenge by developing intelligent control algorithms for energy-efficient and miniaturized loudspeakers. Innovative loudspeakers based on microelectromechanical systems, so-called MEMS loudspeakers, offer unsurpassed potential when it comes to high fidelity and low energy consumption. Together with the Fraunhofer Institutes ISIT and IPMS, Fraunhofer IDMT develops various MEMS loudspeakers and uses intelligent signal processing algorithms to ensure outstanding sound with maximum performance.

With its many years of expertise in the field of loudspeaker development, the Fraunhofer IDMT is also your partner for the sound optimization of electroacoustic loudspeakers and we work with you to develop new loudspeaker technologies, from individual loudspeakers to loudspeaker arrays (e.g. for beamforming) and multichannel loudspeaker systems (e.g. for 3D audio).  





Planar Speakers

great sound quality and space-saving, flexible design


Personal Sound Zones

Individual listening comfort

Research Projects

Research Project


Metamaterials for controlling vibroacoustics by means of the resonator effect

Research Project

Smart Speaker

Development of MEMS-based intelligent audio reproduction systems for mobile devices

Research Project


Development of cost-efficient and powerful MEMS loudspeakers based on CMOS-compatible technologies